About Our Olive Oil

Our Olive oil comes from small single estate olive groves and is pressed solely from the variety "Korenaiki", which is native to the Kalamata region.  Eleon olive oil is an early harvest oil,  the olives are hand picked in November when they are still green.  The traditional method of harvesting is used where the branches of well established trees are beaten and the olives drop onto sheets.  They are then bagged into hessian sacks and pressed at the local town press, within 24 hours.  The olives are ground into a paste that is cold pressed at a temperature no higher than 300C.  A centrifuge separates the oil from the mash and a raw green oil is our product.


Our oil is unfiltered and has some olive flesh that may settle at the bottom of your tin.  This enhances the nutritional value and flavour of the oil giving it a thicker more velvety texture.


Eleon Greek olive oil is olive green in colour, has the aroma and taste of crushed olives and a pleasant nutty, peppery finish.


Our olive oil can be used in a variety of ways.  It is great for salads, dipping  and fantastic to cook with, as it will withstand roasting temperatures with relatively low impact on its structure and nutrional properties. It is early harvest, cold pressed, and of consistent extra virgin quality.  Our family's home town of Filatra offers a unique microclimate, ideal growing conditions for producing olive oil with distinctive aroma, taste, flavour and high nutritional value