-   ABOUT US  -

Eleon Fine Foods is a small family business passionate about high quality foods.  The Stamatopoulos family have lived in the coastal town of Filiatra, Messinia for generations, it is this area of the Peloponnese in Greece that is known for the production of superior quality olive oil.  


Tassos and Jacqueline met during their time at Seale-Hayne, University of Plymouth.  Once completing their degrees in agriculture, they both spent a few seasons in Greece helping harvest the family's olives before coming back to the UK to set up Eleon Fine Foods.


They now import, brand and distribute the olive oil and other high quality foods.  These foods are all sourced from the family and other small artisan producers in the local area.


They have been selling Eleon Olive Oil direct to restaurants and households since 2004 and the business has just gone from strength to strength.